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Series FO cable production started in 2005 at the enterprise SOYUZ-CABLE at the territory of FEZ. It became the first company in Belarus started the production of optical fiber cables in 2004.


The geographical location of the production areas allows to deliver products to the markets of Russia, the CIS countries and Eastern Europe equally fast.

Supply Geography

The fiber-optic cable is manufactured on the technological equipment of the best world manufacturers such as Nextrom with a single control system with the help of which the monitoring of production processes and strict quality control of the products are carried out.

Nextrom Equipment

In 2017 our own division on high-quality technical coloring of optical fiber (OF) was organized. Our present production capacity ensures the processing of up to 1 mln km per year.

Fiber optic dyeing

Cables variety allows customers to install a fiber-optic link in any versions and under any conditions: in buildings, in cable ducts, over power line poles, in ground, including rocky and grounds subject to cryogenic deformations, in marshes up to 2 m deep.


Since 2014 in order to protect products from counterfeiting, passports for the manufactured fiber-optic cables are equipped with a holographic tag with the Integra Cable brand. In addition manufactured length of the produced cable has a unique identification number, by which you can get information about the type of fiber-optic cable produced, the release date, and the results of internal quality control.

Cable drum


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