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IKALc-M - self-supporting optical fiber cable

Self-supporting cable with layer of fiberglass yarns, cable without inner sheath
Protective covering (polyethylene)
Layer of fiberglass yarns
Optical modules
Optical fibers
Central element (FRP rod)
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1. Protective covering (polyethylene)
2. Layer of fiberglass yarns
3. Optical modules
4. Optical fibers
5. Central element (FRP rod)

Range of application: fiber-optic transmission systems in public telecommunication networks, service networks and dedicated networks if connected to the public communication network, installation between buildings of different types, installation in communication lines, on power lines and automatic control lines of electric railways at points with a maximum electric field potential of up to 12 kV, inside protective PE pipes (including air blowing installation), in swamps, in cable trays, in ducts, tunnels, sewers, on bridges and overpasses, as well as winding, connecting and attaching to external load-bearing power elements (ropes, wires, etc.) at points with a maximum electric field potential up to 12 kV.

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Optical fiber cable
Type of optical fiber
Number of optical fibers
Type of optical fiber (2)
Number of optical fibers (2)
Type of central power element
Number of core elements
Max tensile load rating
Enter the required length (m)
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Cable mark In stock, m Ввести количество
IKALs-M4P-A32-6.0 4025
IKALs-M4P-A32-6.0 4070
Number of optical fibers in a cable
up to 192
Number of core elements
4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 12
Cable max tensile load rating
3.0, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0, 10.0 kN
Tensile strength
from 4.7 kN
Max installation (short-term, dynamic) tension
from 1.2 kN
Cable diameter
from 8.7 mm
Bend radius
15 cable diameters
Cable weight
from 62 kg/km
Crush resistance
0.3 kN/cm
Impact resistance
5 J


Cable version with other number of optical fibers is available on request



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