The outcomes of the Exhibition SVIAZ 2019

At the company’s booth one could get acquainted with a wide range of fiber optical cables produced by SOYUZ CABLE (the main business partner of Integra Cable Systems LTD) in the Republic of Belarus under the well-known and authoritative trademark Integra Cable. In addition, this year clips for aerial and self-supporting cables were presented, that allows for complex deliveries. Consequently, working with Integra Cable Systems becomes even more attractive and beneficial. The company Integra Cable Systems stands out for significant growth in demand for these products. At the end of 2018 it amounted to 45.9% (in physical length) compared to the level of the previous year.

A large proportion of products with the Integra Cable brand are exported annually and the list of importing countries is constantly expanding. In 2019 the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan has already replenished it. Among innovative cables structured and aligned to export, there should be noted the group of compact cables for jetting in plastic pipes.

The structures manufactured using optical fibers with a sheath diameter of 200 μm are in high demand on the Western European market, where miniaturization is demanding.

Integra Cable products belong to the premium segment, but its designers are looking for ways to reduce the cost and, therefore, the cost of fiber optical cable. For these purposes, our own production of steel cable was launched.

At the booth, you could get a new colorful catalog of Integra Cable, which contains a lot of information useful for design organizations and consumers of cable products. For example, there are given permissible span lengths for various climatic zones of Russia for self-supporting and suspended optical fiber cables, that allows even not very experienced designers to define their interest in a wide variety of cable types.